Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Applications for Special Tech Visas on the Rise in the UK

Last November regulators in the United Kingdom relaxed the rules to allow talented IT workers...

Top Ten Misconceptions of Managed Service Providers (MSP)

A Review of Both Misconceptions and MSP Reality TAPFIN’s mission is to revolutionize the way in...

China: Shrinking Workforce puts Pressure on Chinese Workers to be Highly Productive

China’s population is aging rapidly, resulting in an annual decline in the size of its...

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employer Branding and Candidate Perception

Employers seeking new markets in which to establish operations have a myriad of metrics and...

Invoicing Requirements: What You Don’t Know May Cost You

“Can I have a receipt with that?” and “Can you send me an invoice?” are...

What HR Pros Need to Know About Managing the Contingent Workforce

A recent article titled "What HR Pros Need to Know About Managing the Contingent Workforce"...


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