2018 Total Workforce Index™ Top 25 Market Rankings


Top 25 Markets for Total Workforce Engagement

Most of the markets in the top 25 (excepting however, those in the top 5) are in Europe, which continues to have many of the world’s more mature workforces. Despite similar total scores, these markets have a diverse set of characteristics and workforce metrics.

Some boast mature workforces in addition to more flexible regulations, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. While others offer flexible regulation yet have less mature workforces, including New Zealand, Denmark, the Philippines and Israel. Regardless, each of these markets have secured a top-25 ranking based on above-average performance in two or more categories.


In ManpowerGroup’s experience, most organizations initially approach a review of their global workforce opportunities from the perspective of cost or availability alone. What has become apparent through analysis of the year-over-year trends in the Total Workforce Index™ is that assessing both risk and productivity are equally important especially when we observe dramatic changes in the rankings of individual markets.

For example, Estonia performs very well in both cost efficiency and regulation while receiving less noteworthy scores in availability and productivity. In a hypothetical top 25 where a higher weighting was attributed to cost and regulatory factors, Estonia would have the potential to rank in the top ten (possibly even in the top five) based on organizational priorities. Workforce engagement priorities and strategies differ widely between organizations, and business priorities have a substantial impact on the development of workforce planning.

While the Total Workforce Index™ rankings are standardized for this report, fully customizable reporting based on the Total Workforce Index™ can be created in a consultative engagement to determine the markets that best meet organizational priorities.

For more information, interactive charts and to download the full Total Workforce Index™ visit the Total Workforce Index™ microsite from the link below.

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