Canada – 2018 Total Workforce Index™ Country Profile Article


The Professional, scientific and technical services sector is one of the fastest growing in Canada, seeing the largest rate of growth since 2008. Programs designed to allow high-growth firms to bring in highly-skilled immigrant talent within two weeks have only bolstered this growth driving a favorable market environment for the immigration of a more skilled workforce.

Changes to provincial law are also driving increased parity and consistency across the labor categories. Each Canadian province has its own diverse workforce ecosystem which is important to bear in mind as English proficiency, industry hubs and skills vary widely across this market. The west is more focused on industrial industries such as oil and gas and mining. While the eastern provinces are more services driven, there are burgeoning professional skills in each province as well as a spike in language proficiency as bilingual skills requirements shift to meet market demands.

International organizations are increasingly trying to replicate the success of remote workforce strategies however this practice has been more difficult to implement in Canada as candidates in this market are less likely to apply for remote work opportunities. Most favor onsite amenities and benefits along with flexible work schedules.

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