Collaborating with Competitors: Sharing Talent Pools to Meet Workforce Challenges


collaborating-coverWith today’s workforce challenges, the key to finding talent in the future may very well require competitors within the same industry to share talent pools.

Several trends suggest a new approach to hiring is needed, one in which talent has the opportunity to develop and thrive in agile environments while enabling growth-oriented companies to maximize available talent. An approach like this also means that employers will need to find ways to share the limited pool of talent available.

ManpowerGroup Solutions explores the concept of shared talent pools, highlighting the benefits for employers and talent, as well as key factors to consider when developing this model.

Companies may be in hiring mode, but the harsh reality is there is not enough talent to meet demand. And, with the shortage showing no signs of easing, meeting growth objectives will require new ways of thinking, behaving and hiring. Critical to that will be an evolution in the way collaboration occurs.


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