Colombia: Continued Engineering Opportunities in Oil and Gas


Colombia remains one of the world’s most unique oil and gas producers. Its government remains highly supportive of the industry and Colombia’s education system continues to train highly skilled workers.

Additionally, Colombia offers oil and gas exploration opportunities on two fronts – the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. However Colombia continues to see its oil and gas operations hindered by an industry-wide shortage of qualified oil and gas workers, especially engineers.

A major driver of Colombia’s worker shortage is the fact that many qualified Colombians leave the country attracted by higher wages in other oil and gas regions including the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Colombian employers have tried to convince workers to stay – or to return to Colombia by becoming far more aggressive in terms of pay and benefits. And recent results seem to indicate that this approach is working as Colombian oil and gas producers have been able to proceed with several new projects in large part due to the ability to fill many previously unfilled positions.

While oil and gas operators in other parts of South America fight the move toward higher salaries and compensation plans, Colombia’s oil and gas operators have aggressively and successfully met the challenges that compensation disparity helped create. As a result its employers are finding qualified candidates and the sector appears ready for growth.