Contingent Workforce Pricing Methodologies


whitepaper-contingent-workforce-pricing-methodology_page_1Managing contingent workforce pricing has it’s share of challenges. Each pricing methodology gives organizations much to consider when determining which best meets their unique business environment and objectives. Equally important are the responsibilities associated with each model, whether they are performed directly by the client organization or by a Managed Service Provider (MSP.) Choosing an experienced MSP to assume these responsibilities will give you the expertise and tools to get the most value from whichever methodology you choose. Such a solution will also help you take action before adverse trends manifest themselves and, most importantly, align contingent workforce procurement and management with broader and more strategic goals.

Our approach to Global Rate Intelligence is designed to:

• Ensure cost efficiency through competitive rate management

• Ensure quality by accounting for business considerations to establish the most effective rate to ensure that the right candidates are hired at the right time for the right price

• Ensure compliance with regulatory and industry alignment

• Ensure hiring efficiency through effective and competitive rates that will minimize misaligned candidate submissions, drive faster time-to-fill, and reduce negative attrition.

For more on Contingent Workforce Pricing Methodologies download the Whitepaper.