Digital Transformation In Manufacturing


Navigating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Why a Career and Talent Management Partner is a Critical Resource to Develop Your Digital Manufacturing Workforce

Manufacturing is experiencing the greatest evolution since the first major automation shift — digital transformation during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the “Digital Manufacturing Age”. This evolution will impact manufacturing organizations at all levels, especially with changes to roles and skills, how work is organized, and in both how and what leaders lead.

As productivity has flat-lined over the past few years, digital manufacturing transformation is the next horizon to achieve improved time to market and radically increased productivity, gain the ability to offer truly innovative products, continuous improvement in waste reduction and efficiency gains and an enhanced competitive position. Yet many organizations are not prepared to move successfully through this digital shift.

At Right Management, we recognize the unique challenges facing organizations in the manufacturing sector, and can help them navigate to and through digital transformation regardless of their current position along the Digital Journey.

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