Estonia – 2018 Total Workforce Index™ Country Profile Article


Estonia has invested in the attraction of more technical skills to this market. Recent legislation is designed to offset the cost and complications associated with the recruitment of foreign talent for the benefit of Estonian employers. Not only is this workforce experiencing a boost in skills due to immigration but an increase in female participation in the workforce is also driving skills availability. Increased language proficiency and financial benefits are boosting international investment into this market as the moderate regulatory environment is in line with regional standards.

Skilled trades, information technology, and engineering are the most highly sought-after skills. With unemployment in Tallinn specifically being one of the lowest rates in the European Union at 3% the government is shifting focus to upskilling of the emerging workforce and education. Campaigns that encourage females to study information technology as well as incentivizing those in the labor pool to apply for IT related jobs have become more common as competition for technology skilled talent increases.

Opportunities for contracted and informal engagements are in demand locally, while most employees continue to focus on full time hiring despite candidate interest. Estonia is an example of a market that is rising consistently in the Total Workforce Index™ rankings year-over-year as this market both matures and continues to invest in the skills of its emerging workforce.

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