Global Managed Service Providers (MSP) Center of Excellence


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have become widely recognized as one of the most effective vehicles to provide this international oversight of workforce program management, supply, and technology. While MSPs have been increasingly leveraged by organizations within the U.S., international markets are only now beginning to realize the benefits of MSP program deployment. In fact, over the next five years, it is estimated that the majority of MSP adoption will be in EMEA and APAC.


What this means for multinational organizations is that now is the time to assess local needs and drive visibility across their business to ensure that their workforce is optimized and aligned with global business functions. However, the U.S. is one of the most flexible economies in which to do business. Free of the complications of employment contracts, redundancy legislation, and pay parity regulations, the U.S. has created MSP models that can handle multiple vendors, a competitive environment, and technology in a single language with a single set of legislative constraints.

In contrast, a global program has to focus on addressing flexible workforce management. As the contingent workforce model has grown and matured, the theory of replication has been replaced by a new approach to designing and implementing flexible global talent strategies. Instead of deploying a U.S. model into the rest of the world, internationally savvy companies have taken the program design a level higher by creating a single global strategy with local supply components. The result of which is a more flexible, agile program that works seamlessly across borders.

With the need for global standards apparent, TAPFIN created the Global MSP Center of Excellence to establish a framework for delivering MSP services on a global basis, with consistent processes and techniques that leverage best practices and deliver the workforce efficiency sought by our clients. Collecting and standardizing global best practices, the Center of Excellence has developed a Fixed and Flexible approach to local, country, and regional requirements that should be adhered to when designing a global MSP program.

There is a formal readiness assessment and certification process that is used internally, within ManpowerGroup, to ensure that our ability to deliver the highest quality MSP solution to you is consistent across our global footprint – allowing us to deliver one seamless global MSP solution. Though the resources of the Center of Excellence, we are able to more effectively achieve exceptional program management, supply, and visibility into performance and vendor management.

For MSP client organizations, the Global MSP Center of Excellence will support TAPFIN in the auditing, oversight, and management of optimizing the organization’s global MSP program to ensure compliance with 100% of our global standards. The foundational metrics used to track the impact of this certification will be:

  • Cost (cost mitigation, realized savings, and overall cost-efficiency including rate cards, vendors, operations etc…)
  • Efficiency (administrative and time utilized in work stream including submission, fulfillment, onboarding etc…)
  • Quality (performance of workforce and supply chain as well as visibility into local statistics)
  • Compliance (risk mitigation through abidance of internal guidelines and external regulations)