Introduction to 2018 Total Workforce Index™

Becky Frankiewicz, President, ManpowerGroup North America

from Becky Frankiewicz…

Today’s business environment is as complex as it is unpredictable. Technological disruption opens new opportunities for businesses to grow and create value, provided they transform and have the skills needed to remain competitive today and tomorrow. The emergence of new skills and new talent pools, together with fresh ways of working and getting work done, mean companies have more options than ever when identifying where and how to build their contingent and permanent workforces. Yet, shifting regulatory frameworks, overwhelming amounts of workforce data and changing skill requirements add layers of complexity to decision-making. The right combination of data and insights enables companies to make better and faster choices about where to locate their workforces with greater market transparency.

The Total Workforce Index™ is the only tool of its kind to use big data strengthened by fresh insight to influence both short- and long-term growth strategies. In a global analysis across 75 markets of more than 90 factors, the Total Workforce Index™ evaluates skills availability, cost efficiency, regulation and workforce productivity of both permanent and contingent labor types. The result is a comprehensive report ranking countries where skills, productivity and labor laws make it most favorable to do business. The Total Workforce Index™ is adaptable so organizations can customize and prioritize their most pressing workforce questions. The tool can provide a broad perspective from answering “How will shifting regulation and changing wages in a specific location impact our business?” to “Where can I find workers with the skills my organization needs as technology advances?” It also offers specificity: “Where should we put our next call center?”, “What should our workforce mix be in this country?” and “Where is the right location in my market to offer flexible work schedules?”.

Company expectations will continue to evolve as they demand more data-based people decisions; the playbook is changing and basic concepts of scale, value and competition are being redefined. Through real-time, robust data and tested insight, the Total Workforce Index™ turns complexity into opportunity and shifts HR from an art to a science so businesses can execute a precise talent strategy aligned to their unique needs, and more importantly, the needs of talent.

Becky Frankiewicz

President, ManpowerGroup North America