ManpowerGroup Sustainability Plan


Meaningful and Sustainable Employment Has the Power to Change the World: ManpowerGroup Launches New Sustainability Plan

sustainability-coverChanges in the world of work are accelerating at a pace and scale never seen before. Technology continues to disrupt, creating new jobs and radically changing others. The goal today is no longer finding the job for life, but to develop the skills, experience and expertise necessary to be employable for the long term.

As skills needs change rapidly, employability depends not just on what people already know, but on how well they learn, apply and adapt. At ManpowerGroup we are committed to nurturing learnability — the desire and ability to learn new skills — to help people become and stay employable throughout their career journey.


In 2011 we identified the Human Age, driven by four structural forces reshaping the world of work. People feel these impacts too: those with in-demand skills can call the shots while those without have fewer opportunities. This places greater emphasis than ever on the need for relevant skills and learning.

As the world’s leading innovative workforce solutions company, our core expertise is matching the talent businesses need with the skills individuals have. Partnering with more than 400,000 clients, we provide work and employability programs for more than 3.5 million people every year and employment advice for more than 10 million. If you consider how many families that touches, that’s a major social impact of which we are proud.

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