Methodology of the 2018 Total Workforce Index™


The Total Workforce Index™ scores each market on more than 90 unique factors. Each of these statistical factors is carefully weighted and grouped under one of the four categories: Availability, Cost Efficiency, Regulation, and Productivity.

For the purposes of the global rankings which are released annually, each of the four categories received an equal weighting and therefore an equal share of influence when determining the final score and subsequent ranking of each market. In a consultative engagement, the weighting of each category would be adjusted so that the resulting rankings better reflect the strategic priorities of the organization.

Comparing 2017 and 2018

The weightings, methodology and factors included from 2017 to 2018 remain constant. This allows for meaningful comparison between the data delivered in the 2017 Total Workforce Index™ and that which is shown for the 2018 Total Workforce Index™.

Explanation of Markets Included

The 75 markets included in the Total Workforce Index™ are considered the best representation of most of the global markets that offer employers both contingent and permanent workforce engagement opportunities.

Factor Glossary and Definitions

Each of the over 90 unique factors measured by the Total Workforce Index™ are captured and updated by ManpowerGroup Solutions Analysts periodically throughout the year. Each of these factors has an influence or weighting on the score for one of the four overarching categories, namely: Availability, Cost Efficiency, Regulation and Productivity. A glossary of a selection of the most influential factors is available for download. View Factor Glossary…

Total vs. Contingent and Permanent Workforces

The total workforce is comprised of both the permanent and contingent workforces. Furthermore, the contingent workforce includes informal workers together with all other types of contingent worker populations. This report includes rankings in all four categories for each market in all three of the primary workforce subsets: Total, Contingent and Permanent.

While this report focuses on the Total Workforce Index™ the full volume of data, rankings and information are also available for both contingent and permanent workforces. These are available through consulting engagements from ManpowerGroup Solutions with custom reporting that can deliver rankings that reflect the unique business strategies and workforce priorities of any global organization.