Mexico – 2017 Total Workforce Index™ Country Profile Article


Except for upper-level employees who typically have college educations, there are few opportunities for workers in some areas to earn wages that exceed the minimum wage in this market. The rising numbers of factories in regions like Sonora, in addition to a seasonal rush during the summer months for both direct and indirect manufacturing positions, increases the difficulty experienced by assembly plant operators to consistently fill open positions throughout the year.

American manufacturers continue to invest in local production, and while skilled manufacturing is on the rise, hiring strategies are evolving out of necessity. Where positions are becoming harder to fill and retention is increasingly a problem, employers are implementing new programs to provide transportation and childcare, as well as other on-site benefits and resources to engage workers.

Over two-thirds (69%) of the Mexican workforce are aged 41 or younger. With a high rate of enrollment in secondary education, the emerging workforce continues to offer many opportunities for program cost efficiency along with a skilled workforce despite low levels of English proficiency. Mexico is a more favorable market regarding labor market maturity as well as the flexibility of regulations for employers.

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