New Zealand – 2018 Total Workforce Index™ Country Profile Article


New Zealand has taken steps to retain both the emerging and existing workforce skills and stave off migration. Higher female workforce participation has also contributed to the availability of skills in this market. In fact, the number of women in the workforce this year is the highest in more the 30 years on record with women accounting for nearly half of all employed people.

This increase in workforce participation is a positive indicator that New Zealand is able to increase productivity in a shifting labor market. Where jobs are transitioning from agricultural and manufacturing to more technology and services sector positions with organizations adopting more cloud computing services and automation of processes. Retention of skills in this market is driving the value of the workforce for future investment by organizations as more highly-skilled talent is needed for the more technical roles.

Also contributing to the favorability of this market is the ease of doing business and ease of starting a new business relative to other global markets. Sectors experiencing the most growth include the professional, scientific, technical, administrative, and support services sectors, public administration, retail and hospitality sectors.

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