Next-Gen Manufacturing Roles in the United States


Research by UI LABS and ManpowerGroup identified 165 roles that’ll shape the “factory of the future,” and why there couldn’t be a more exciting time to be in manufacturing than now.

This research was recently reported on by TechTarget SearchERP and is available here.

The Digital Manufacturing and Design business ecosystem grows and evolves every day. For small companies and large enterprises, the digital transformation beckons brightly, capturing broad attention and commanding major initiatives. From the high school and community college “maker space classrooms” – the 21st century “shop class” – to the technology innovation labs of startups; from the Csuite of a global appliance maker to the crafter entrepreneur’s loft workshop; from the floor of the modern aerospace factory of the future to the bullpen where a factory automation manager combines old and new, digital represents an opportunity, a requirement, an equalizer and an accelerator all in one. Few will escape the challenge of digital transformation. Most hope to embrace it.

Along the way, the entire ecosystem of manufacturers, government, educators and the workforce itself needs to ask and answer:

• What’s on the roadmap to being successful in adopting Digital Manufacturing and Design

• Where are the skills and capabilities to lead and delivery on the promise of digital technology?

• How do we describe the work to be done, the jobs and the roles, and workforce to do it?

• How can workforce role and job structures flex to accelerate the succession – the change in response to a disruption – of a transforming global industry?

We intend that some of the most foundational answers begin with this Roles Taxonomy and the related outputs and assets. We invite you to engage and benefit from the innovative changes available to the many stakeholders in manufacturing and our broader economy and society. Join the conversation about the workforce – the people and roles that operate as Partners in Connection – for digital manufacturing and a resurgent manufacturing ecosystem.

Download the full report The Digital Workforce – Succession in Manufacturing here.