Rankings by Category: Cost Efficiency – 2018 Total Workforce Index™


Cost Efficiency Overview

Certain engagements do not require specialized skills or English proficiency. Where this is the case and the skills needed are broad enough, many employment organizations can focus primarily on the metrics related to the cost of skills. While the majority of these markets rank very favorably relative to cost, they do not fare as well when ranked for Availability, Productivity or Regulatory impact.

The only exception being the Philippines which ranks well consistently across the other categories. This is due to additional investments that the Philippines has made into its workforce allowing this market to emerge as a global leader. Cost efficiency may remain a primary influencer driving new investments in this market. However, the availability of skills and English proficiency has continued to improve.

Along the same narrative is Vietnam, which has made bold moves to improve English proficiency along with strengthening the availability of technology skills such as application development for mobile platforms. This expansion of skills is being driven primarily by growth in investment from outsourcing companies.

Comparison of the Top Five Markets for Workforce Cost Efficiency

Comparison of 2017 vs 2018 for Workforce Cost Efficiency

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