Right Person, Wrong Role


When one person in five is in the wrong role, how can an effective Career Management strategy help your organization win?

As the global talent shortage persists and new jobs are created as fast as others become extinct business success depends on organizations having an effective Career Management strategy in place to attract, engage and retain high performing individuals.

Yet globally, one in five people are in the wrong role: jobs
they aren’t motivated by, engaged with or productive in, which has a clear effect on performance. The financial implication for employers is significant; having the right people in the right role equates to 29% higher revenue on average as well as up to millions of dollars in savings. Forward thinking businesses are implementing effective Career Management strategies to fill their talent pipelines with the right people and match them to existing and future positions. Having the right people in the right roles is good for engagement, morale, brand reputation and achieves faster time to value so people are productive in their roles as quickly as possible.

To find out more about the impact of having people in the wrong role, Right Management interviewed over 4,600 people across 20 countries and all industry sectors.

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