The Rise of the Well-Informed Candidate


Candidates report having more information about a company and the opportunity early on in the job search process

Information is power. Historically, the balance of power between employers and candidates has favored employers. Candidates had few sources of information about open positions, corporate culture or company vision, let alone compensation and benefits.

Globally, the talent market is constantly changing. Candidates today report a dramatic increase in the amount of information they have about a company and a position at early stages of the job search process. In the last year alone, candidates report significant increases in the amount and types of information they have prior to beginning the application process.

To better understand how employers can leverage global candidate preferences and perceptions, ManpowerGroup Solutions, the world’s largest Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, went directly to the source — candidates. In the Global Candidate references Survey, nearly 14,000 individuals currently in the workforce between the ages of 18 and 65 shared what matters to them in the job search process. The survey was fielded in 19 influential employment markets across the globe.

This report provides new insights into the type of information candidates look for and are armed with before they hit the 
“submit” button on their application. Never before have candidates been so well-informed so early on in the process. And it is not just about having a more detailed job description – candidates worldwide report a significant increase in the amount of information they have about compensation, benefits, company mission/vision and culture, corporate brand and corporate social responsibility. This report highlights what matters most to today’s candidates and suggests new strategies and tactics to effectively compete for in-demand talent in this new global marketplace.

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