Tuesday, June 27, 2017

cwi_report_2016_hires_coverThe Contingent Workforce Index (CWI) measures the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining a contingent workforce in competing labor markets around the world. The CWI compiles more than 50 key data points around the Availability, Cost Efficiency, Regulation and Productivity of each country's contingent workforce. Then, using a proprietary formula, it assigns a numerical value to each country, comparing the relative opportunities of entering one labor market versus another.

Just as a country's GDP can be used as an economic indicator, the CWI can be used as an indicator of contingent workforce availability. The CWI rankings provide perspective and insight that can impact short- and long-term strategies involving contingent workforce procurement. A higher CWI ranking indicates countries that are likely to support higher volumes of contingent hiring with greater cost efficiency based on quality and productivity.

The CWI is published annually by ManpowerGroup Solutions. Download the full index for the current year by visiting the CWI Microsite from the button below.

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The 2016 CWI is Available Now!


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