Top 5 – Availability – 2017 Total Workforce Index


Top 5 – Availability

Ireland claims the top ranking globally for Availability followed by the United Kingdom, Norway, New Zealand and the United States. Though these markets have scored most favorably in the Availability category, they are not necessarily the largest or most mature markets considered in this report. However, these markets do have the highest availability of skilled workers with a high level of English proficiency, as well as other factors favored by organizations hiring new skills in the current labor market.

Ireland, New Zealand, and Norway, while noticeably smaller than the United States or the United Kingdom, boast above average ratios of skilled labor with highly educated and English proficient workforces. Additionally, they are boosted by emerging and informal workforce trends that substantiate the growing sustainability of their labor markets.

In Ireland, for example, a past exodus of workers in their 20s has recently been curtailed. One-third of Ireland’s population is now under the age of 25, and its workforce is expanding at a rapid rate. They also have a very high level of workers with secondary and tertiary education increasing the availability of skills relevant to the job descriptions presently being filled by employers.

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