Top 5 – Availability – 2018 Total Workforce Index


Comparison of the Top Five Markets for Workforce Availability

Markets scoring favorably in the Availability category are those with the highest availability of skilled workers with a high level of English proficiency, as well as other factors favored by organizations hiring in the current labor market. Though these markets have scored most positively in the Availability category, they are not necessarily the largest or most mature markets as defined by Total Workforce Index™.

Compared to 2017, there are some significant changes to the top five markets in availability. While Ireland continues to hold the top ranking in the category, New Zealand and the United States drop out of the top five this year. Sweden and Singapore claim fourth and fifth, up from sixth and seventh in 2017, respectively.

The United States experienced a significant decrease in Availability score between 2017 and 2018 while the score in Availability for New Zealand decreased just enough to allow a small increase for Sweden to propel this market into the top five. Singapore’s score remained unchanged year-over-year but the market benefited from the scores decreasing in both New Zealand and the United States to move up one spot to fifth.

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