Top 5 – Overall – 2017 Total Workforce Index


Top 5 – Overall

The highest ranked markets in the Total Workforce Index™ are those with the highest relative performance across all four categories. When all four categories were weighted equally, and the ManpowerGroup Solutions’ proprietary formula was applied to the more than 90 unique factors considered by the Total Workforce Index™, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and Canada rose to the top of the rankings.

These top five markets as ranked by the Total Workforce Index™ rank higher than other top markets considered in the Total Workforce Index™ because of their ability to perform well across two or more of the four main categories of weighted factors, in addition to their having minimal regulatory impact and large workforce availability. Furthermore, these markets are the only ones to rank among the top 10 in all three workforce indices – performing well across all categories.

However, this does not exclude from consideration other top markets with emerging or smaller workforces – such as The Netherlands, Israel and Iceland – when considering prime workforce engagement markets for global expansion.

For more information, interactive charts and to download the full Total Workforce Index™ visit the Total Workforce Index™ microsite from the link below.

TOTAL Workforce Index™