Top 5 – Overall – 2018 Total Workforce Index


Comparison of the Top Five Markets ranked by Total Workforce Index

The markets that rank highest in the Total Workforce Index™ are those with the highest relative performance across all four categories. The ability to perform well across two or more of the four main categories, in addition to having minimal regulatory impact and large workforce availability, make these five markets the most generally favorable for workforce engagement.

The top 5 markets, based on the rankings of the Total Workforce Index™ are led by three Asian Pacific (APAC) markets: Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore. Rounding out the top five are the United States and United Kingdom. Hong Kong rises to secure the top ranked position and New Zealand moves into second from top ranking in the 2017 Total Workforce Index™. This change is due to a significant drop in the Cost Efficiency category for New Zealand coupled with a slight decrease in Availability score year-over-year.

The top five markets consistently perform well and have been ranked in the top ten markets for a minimum of the previous three years. This is the first year, however, since 2015 that New Zealand has not secured the highest ranking. Regardless of the addition of new factors to the index and slight changes to weightings of the factors within the categories, these markets perform well since these markets are all maturing at a consistent pace. These five markets are also so valuable from a workforce availability, size and skills perspective that these factors outweigh any factors related to lack of cost efficiency.

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