Top 5 – Productivity – 2017 Total Workforce Index


Top 5 – Productivity

Productivity is a category influenced by all three of the other categories. When the perfect mix of Availability, Cost Efficiency, and Regulation align with business workforce planning initiatives, optimal productivity goals can be met or even exceeded. However, the top five markets for productivity may not necessarily be the case in all industries and sectors of business.

Recent trends suggest that market productivity has less to do with the simple benefits associated with the size of an economy, access to capital or technology availability within a certain market. Instead it may have more to do with technological readiness, available methods of workforce engagement − the ability to run manufacturing operations twenty-four hours a day for example − and both infrastructure and institutional efficiency.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Israel lead in this category, with the United States and Canada rounding out the top five markets. Adaptability, speed and innovation can also impact productivity, however a significant portion of the potential productivity of each market depends upon the human element of the equation.

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