Top 5 – Productivity – 2018 Total Workforce Index


Comparison of the Top Five Markets for Workforce Productivity

Productivity is a category influenced by all three of the other categories. When the perfect mix of availability, cost efficiency, and regulation align with workforce planning initiatives, optimal productivity goals can be met or in some cases exceeded. However, the top five markets in Productivity may not necessarily be the most productive markets for organizations in all industries and sectors of business.

Changes in the top five rankings year-over-year include a ranking swap between Israel and Singapore to second and third, respectively. Influencing this change are improvements in technology infrastructure and wider adoption of technology in Israel. In addition, subtle changes to the factors that influence Productivity rankings were significant enough to add up to a shift in the ranked position of these two markets. A standard workday of nine hours and no major restrictions on night work, among other Productivity factors, influence a higher ranking for Israel compared to similar markets.

Canada drops out of the top five this year, with the United Arab Emirates rising into fifth place. Improvements to infrastructure efficiency and the number of standard work hours per week boosted the United Arab Emirates score in Productivity. Canada remained unchanged year-over-year across all productivity metrics. The shifts seen in the top markets for productivity year-over-year are indicative of the fact that a combination of several seemingly insignificant changes to multiple factors can have a greater overall effect on the market rankings within a category.

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