Total Talent Strategy – Total Workforce Index™


Today, most organizations are redefining workforce planning and focusing more on what could reasonably be called “Workforce Strategy for the Human Age.” The tools, data and analytics exist to help companies look at regional and global market-level data in tandem, and this is a critical step in the right direction. Expectations for improved talent engagement planning are increasing. Forward-looking companies are driving toward more evolved strategies that allow them to predict future success rather than rely on past performance to guide decision making.

Even as companies come to terms with what is new in workforce availability, cost efficiency, regulatory burdens and factors that impact productivity, a significant shift lies ahead as the global workforce markets continue to adapt and evolve to ever-changing regional and global influencers. Put simply, talent engagement strategies must allow companies to objectively predict potential – including what limits it, what nurtures it and what encourages that potential to thrive.

Organizations want to understand the total workforce landscape, including subsets of the workforce that include permanent, contingent and further contingent workforce subsets such as the informal workforce. They also need to be able to plan for variations in market conditions, demand for skills and seasonal needs.

The Total Workforce Index™ enables organizations to comprehensively analyze data and develop winning strategies to lead them into the next decade with confidence.

For more information, interactive charts and to download the full Total Workforce Index™ visit the Total Workforce Index™ microsite from the link below.

Total Workforce Index™