Transforming Talent Acquisition: Recruitment Process Outsourcing Comes of Age


transforming-talentWhen recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) was introduced some twenty years ago, providers faced a steep learning and awareness curve: organizations were not accustomed to outsourcing their recruitment function. Nonetheless, RPOs were able to help companies gain significant cost savings, improve productivity and transform their talent acquisition relatively quickly. Inevitably, these impressive results led RPO to be positioned as the solution to every problem.

After a few decades of experience, the possibilities and limits of RPO are much clearer. Mistakes have been made by both clients and providers and lessons have been learned. In the end, companies of all sizes and industries have enjoyed extraordinary success by replicating specific strategies to improve recruitment processes and results.


While RPO was once thought of solely as a solution for high-volume permanent placement, today, it is about talent acquisition transformation with dedicated teams of sourcers, technology specialists, industry analysts and social media experts. The key is to harness and leverage the assets RPO can provide; however, an organization must first be prepared for that transformation.

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