United Kingdom – 2018 Total Workforce Index™ Country Profile Article


Unemployment levels are at their lowest rate since 1975 presently in the United Kingdom. Despite growing uncertainty wages have remained consistent. While some employers have shifted their local workforce investments, the strength of the candidate pool and workforce performance remains steady.

The need for technology skills, specifically those relative to digital, data, mobile, cyber and information security is increasing. While competition for candidates remains high, the use of flexible remote work options has broadened hiring market potential and enabled many employers to mitigate the impact of talent shortages. In addition to information technology skills, employers are seeking engineers, nurses and care staff throughout this market, reinforcing the need for continued focus on emerging skills development.

The skills gap is expected to be compounded as the demand for more highly skilled workers increases. Nearly 80% of businesses expect to increase the number of higher-skilled roles within their organizations over the coming years, based on recent surveys. Employers are beginning to evaluate job requirements and qualifications in order to more effectively align with available candidate pools.

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