United States – 2017 Total Workforce Index™ Country Profile Article


The United States is experiencing much uncertainty with regard to the impact of changing regulations that affect the engagement of foreign workers. A variety of changes related to minimum wage, both paid sick leave and overtime, could shift the perception of national productivity and cost efficiency affecting current and future workforce engagement.

However, despite the national uncertainty during what seems to be political and economic turbulence, the current climate presents a unique opportunity for some of the world’s largest employers. For the first time, employers in this market are required to become more proactive and strategic in identifying and adding pockets of new and valuable skills to their unique workforce strategy at the state and even metropolitan level.

These micro-workforces are characterized by a unique level of regulatory flexibility and cost-saving opportunity. For instance, a manufacturer may be able to employ a variety of shifts to increase productivity while reducing costs when considering the wage, tax and operating costs associated with one state over another – or from one city to the next. Similarly, call centers have the ability to operate more cost effectively in some states as opposed to others, enabling reshoring efforts not previously considered.

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